New Horizon Canada Consultants

Visit Canada

Why visit Canada? The pictures speak for themselves...

​Canada is a very large and expansive country that is home to some of the worlds most beautiful sights. From the massive metropolitan city of Toronto, to the vast nature and wildlife observed in the Rocky Mountains as well as Niagara Falls, there is a lot to see and enjoy: 

Work in Canada

Canada offers a growing number of job opportunities across a large spectrum of professions, with services and manufacturing focused in Ontario and Quebec, and the oil and gas sectors in Alberta. Canada is also constantly looking to bring foreign workers from a variety of professional fields in order to help strengthen its workforce. Workers in Canada also enjoy an abundance of rights and benefits such as  paid holidays, paid leaves, as well as maternal and paternal leave. Canadian work experience is also highly valued across the globe

How we can assist you:

  • Complete guidance through the entire process as well as what to expect living in Canada
  • Assistance with Work Permit application and paperwork
  • Assistance with extending your Work Permit
  • Help find you affordable housing, transportation, insurance and get settled as smoothly as possible