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Make your goal of coming to Canada a reality through a variety of opportunities. Also see how we can help you have a smooth transition when you arrive in the country



Explore numerous programs that are available to successfully immigrate to Canada

Apply for a Visa

Find out how to successfully apply for an entry Visa to Canada


From the vast metropolitan cities, to peaceful nature and wildlife, Explore one of the worlds most beautiful countries

Work Permit

See how you can obtain a work permit and enter one of the world's strongest and most stable economies

Study Permit

Build your future by obtaining an education at some of the worlds best educational institutions


From the vast metropolitan cities, to peaceful nature and wildlife, Explore one of the worlds most beautiful countries

Business and Investment Immigration

Explore several options for investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals to gain immigration by contributing to the Canadian economy

Find a Home

Get assistance from our licensed Real-Estate Agents in finding the perfect home in the right neighbourhood

Newcomer Services

​New to Canada? See how we can help you settle in the country and make your transition as smooth as possible

why choose us


  • 18+ years of experience  assisting with services all across the spectrum
  • At the forefront of ever-changing immigration laws and regulations  to successfully guide you through the complex and overwhelming process
  • Greatly reduce the chance of rejection and delays: You are at the mercy of meticulous immigration officials; our team experience will allow your application to meet their high requirements 
  • Minimize processing time and maximize your chances of success: We streamline the immigration process, and make your transition to Canada as smooth as possibl

Full Representation

  • Full representation of our clients to Canadian consulates, embassies abroad, and other governmental departments
  • Persuasive representation of your case: We understand the complexity of the system, and present a persuasive submission on your behalf based on the merits of your case and documentation provided
  • Professional completion and review of your file: Thorough review of your complete application by licensed lawyers and consultants,  followed by submission to the appropriate immigration office
  • Complete monitoring and communication on your behalf: Regularly monitor your application progress, and communicate on your behalf with the Canadian Processing Centre

Comprehensive Service

  • Free initial assessment  of your qualifications and consultation regarding which immigration programs best suit you 
  • Comprehensive immigration services:  From applying for a Visa, to submitting an application for permanent residence and citizenship, to finding a home; we have you covered every step of the way 
  • Full preparation, review, and submission of your application;  all you are required to do is provide the necessary documents based on the list we give you 
  • 24/7 consultation, through every step of your application, in order to successfully guide you throughout the complex immigration process
  • Interview preparation: If you are selected, we will help prepare you to comfortably attend the interview to present a strong case and improve your performance for increased chance of success